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Controlling company

TNS Holdings Vietnam under the management and administration of ROX Group is currently providing utility services, focusing on the main areas: housing management services (low-rise and high-rise), office management services, commercial center management services, industrial park management services, security services, cleaning services, information technology and human resource management.
As an indispensable link in the "all-in-one" product chain and integrated solution of ROX Group with the desire to bring customers and partners a more convenient life, TNS Holdings Vietnam always strives to provide the most comprehensive and optimal solutions, in order to protect interests, minimize costs and always bring satisfaction and increase experience to customers and partners.
Through the cooperation process with Savills strategic partner - a leading foreign real estate management unit, TNS Holdings Vietnam inherits the experience of professional operation and management of high-class real estate projects in Vietnam and around the world.
With the aim of high-class and high-quality services, TNS Holdings Vietnam has been trusted by many big customers, the scope of activities is constantly expanding across the country.
Currently, TNS Holdings Vietnam provides services to many businesses and serves thousands of residents living in urban areas.
In 2019, TNS Holdings Vietnam was the first member of ROX Group listed on HOSE with stock code TN1.
With an excellent leadership team and professional staff, TNS Holdings Vietnam is always confident in the implementation of the most competitive and quality products and services.

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Subsidiary company

Established in 2012, TN Property Management Investment and Real Estate Joint Stock Company is a subsidiary of ROXKEY, proud to be a provider of management services. comprehensive operation including Apartment, Low-rise Housing, Office Area, Trade Center, Industrial Park and is a reliable partner of many Corporations and Enterprises in the field of Real Estate, Retail, Finance Bank.
With an excellent leadership team and professional staff, TN Property Management is always confident in implementing the most competitive and quality products and services with 3 subsidiaries including: Industrial cleaning service Company (C-One), Nhat Viet Security Service Company & Industrial Management Company (IMC).

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Subsidiary company

TNTalent is a provider of consulting services for the most professional and suitable human resource solutions to the characteristics and business strategy of the Client.
With a team of experienced professionals, TNTalent provides customers with professional human resource services and human resource system orientations that contribute to increasing the organization's competitiveness and performance in the market. TNTalent has been searching, training and supplying thousands of employees for companies, corporations and banking systems in Vietnam.
With its experience, TNTalent has been honored to contribute to ROX Group & its subsidiaries to obtain many prestigious awards.

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Subsidiary company

TNTech is a member of ROXKEY operating in the field of Information Technology (IT). TNTech is providing consulting services to develop strategy and technology solutions, deploying solutions for the Finance - Banking, real estate, hotel industries with diverse services. TNTech's vision is to become a company providing leading IT Solutions and Services in the region.
TNTech owns a team of IT experts with more than 20 years of experience in developing, integrating, implementing and operating specialized solutions for the Finance - Banking industry. Besides, TNTech is taking breakthrough steps, pioneering in applying the most advanced technologies of the 4.0 industrial revolution such as AI, Big Data, IoT... to solve specific problems in each field.
In the coming time, TNTech will continue to provide comprehensive technology solutions, gradually improve the digital ecosystem for TNG Holdings Vietnam and expand the development of digital services for customers.

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Subsidiary company

Starting from the need to manage the progress and quality of construction works of the Group, MANPRO was born with the mission to bring the highest quality works, ensure progress, optimize benefits for customers and investors, towards sustainable development in the field of Construction, Real Estate.
With a team of engineers, architects, experts with extensive experience in the fields of civil, industrial, planning, interior construction, etc., MANPRO has managed the construction of many real estate projects and industrial park infrastructure has a large scale and high complexity.

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